Swoove with Amy

Swoove with Amy

Cuckfield Old School
Haywards Heath, WEST SUSSEX
Suitable for all ages and abilities.

What does Swoove© mean? To sing, whoop & move!

What is Swoove Fitness©? A singalong exercise class.

How is it different to any other exercise class? Vocalising burns calories and engages the abdominal muscles so why not make this the base of an exciting, fresh and most of all unadulterated fun exercise class. On average we burn around 200 calories more and also increase lung capacity by using our vocals. Each song is like doing 50 sit ups without ever doing one…whoohoo! It really is as easy as that. No gimmicks, just an hour that flies by…literally! Oh and you don’t need to be able to sing, calories really don’t care that you’re in tune…phew I hear you say!



Cuckfield Old School Church St Cuckfield Haywards Heath, WEST SUSSEX RH17 5JZ


12:30-1:30pm Fridays Term Time.


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